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We strive to make your job easier on finding the most suitable courses for your skills, knowledge and career expectations!

That is why we have researched hundreds of universities in Europe and came up with the list that you see below, where we made a selection of the most important domains of research and interest for the majority of the European students.

  • Bachelor Programs
    Civil Engineering
    Electrical Engineering and Computers
    Telecommunication Technologies and Systems
    Industrial Design
    Business Administration
    Political Science
    International Relations and European Studies
    Educational Sciences
  • Master Programs
    Automotive Electronic Control Systems
    Distributed Systems and Web Technologies
    Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy
    Systems and Control
    Structural Engineering
    Business consulting
    Behavioural economics (interdisciplinary with the field: Psychology)
    Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Applied bioinformatcs for life science
    Sustainability of Socio-Economic Systems
    Chemistry of Advanced Materials
    International Arbitration
    Analytic Philosophy
    Philosophy, politics and economics
    Cognitive Sciences
    Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy
    Intercultural Communication
    Intercultural Management
    Business Administration (MBA)
    Physics of atom, nucleus and elementary particles, Astrophysics and applications
    Physics of advanced materials and nanostructures
    Applied geophysics
    Physics of advanced materials and nanostructures

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