Why Romania?


Romania is a member of the EU and the EEA countries Whoever you are, European or non-European alike,  if you're thinking of studying in the European Union, particularly in Romania, you might be making the best decision ever: enjoying an impressing social and cultural variety, having relatively easy access to every other European nation through scholarships and joint programs, living close to some of the best research centers in Europe, participating in social gatherings for students and expats, meeting individuals from all around the world, etc. Think for a second about coming to study in Romania for either of the [...]

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Life in Romania


Life in Romania Romania is a country full of beautiful landscapes and very welcoming people. The Romanian people are known for the hospitality and generosity they convey to all their visitors, whether they're relatives or foreigners; Romanians enjoy when guests arrive in their homes and do their best to make their guests' stay as good as possible. Hospitality is not limited only to Romanians - relatives, friends and neighbors - it also includes any foreigners or visitors who have the  opportunity to meet them, all of which are always treated according to Romanian customs. Romanians are very courteous and polite; [...]

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Romanian History


A Brief History of Romania Romania hasn't had a very peaceful history, because geographically it is located at the intersection point between Asia and Europe, between Russia and Central Europe, between the Mediterranean and the Baltic seas, etc. However, a highlight in Romanian history and probably one of the most recognized figures from Romania is the former communist ruler, Nicolae Ceausescu, who was overthrown at the Romanian revolution, in December 1989. Ancient History / Roman Period (3600 BC – 500 AD) Middle Ages / Byzantine Period (500 – 1500) Early Modern / Ottoman Period (1500 – 1750) Mid Modern Period [...]

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