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Have you ever wondered how… anything… works ?? Why do we have thousands of satellites around the Earth or why are the stars shining? Did you know that Geneva is not actually preparing the end of the world, but just trying to discover its very beginnings? By choosing Physics, we can assure you something: you can become an excellent researcher, you can do extraordinary things and experiment in most areas of physics, you can be in some of the best laboratories in Europe and bring your own contribution to science. Let’s not forget, of course, that it is one of the best areas in which you could work, where you can also have great financial rewards. Come to discover what is physics, what it does, and what you can choose to do if you follow it.

If you are looking to broaden your Physics knowledge or you’re only at the beginning, here is a list of the possibilities of research and specialization withing the field of Physics that you can pursue in Europe:

  • Physics of Computer Science;
  • Physics of Technology
  • Physics of Medicine;
  • Solid State Physics;
  • Physics of the Atmosphere and of Earth – Renewable Energy Sources;
  • Optics, Spectroscopy, Plasma, Lasers;
  • Educational Physics;
  • Biophysics and Medical Physics;
  • Theoretical Physics.
  • Physics of Advanced Materials and Nanostructures;
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics;
  • Physics of the Atom, Nucleus, and Elementary Particles, Astrophysics and Applications;
  • Physics of the Environment and of Ecological Polymers;
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources

We are sure that this field of work will develop exponentially, while as of now it offers positions which are explicit to the capability of a “physicist” just as non-explicit positions, for example, those from the accompanying fields: software engineering, biotechnology, drug testing, atomic innovation, etc.

Somebody who has their Bachelor’s certificate in Physics can take pride in having effectively experienced the exploratory and hypothetical science courses, high level arithmetic, computer programming and hardware, all of which are exceptional subjects that will help you acquire a future work place with ease.

Some Physics European graduates decide to continue their studies at foreign universities, easily gaining admission to competitive MSc and PhD programs from the European Union, the United States and Asia. The programmes offered by European universities give the students additional strengths in the international labor market as highly skilled workers.

Physics or technological research in the European institutes entails participating in projects in some of the most important scientific development centers in Europe; in partnership with other institutes, the European faculties of Physics participate in numerous top international research programs;



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Course Requirements

To insure your admission acceptance. You need to provide specific documents proving your eligibility for pursuing Physics studies in Europe.

Requirements for all studies are almost the same. But some have more additional requirements that other studies in other domains.

When all the required documents are gathered and submitted to the admission office at the Ministry of Education and Youth, Edu-Europe team will follow up on your admission’s status and contact you for the updates. The approval letter will be sent in Original to you by an express carrier.

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