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Biology research and development is constantly producing amazing results

As a major aspect of Universities in Europe, the Faculties that specialize in Biology have progressively developed into a perplexing stage for tutoring and headway of HR and for essential and connected research in the fields of science and ecological science.

It enables its students to explore organic frameworks beginning from the atomic dimension and up to the biological frameworks and it fulfills the requests of “post-ordinary science”, situated towards comprehension and overseeing nature and human culture.

A basic factor is the commitment that the workforce has made in the advancement of the exceptionally powerful fields of science and ecological science, much more so now, in this time of growing information about science. This is tried through a substantial number of research methods, whose fundamental target is to pull in and include studies from the essential university programmes graduates, and particularly from MA and PhD researches.

One of the principle territories is improvement of foundation and execution of research, upheld by between , multi-and trans-disciplinary methodologies. The advancement and union of the postgraduate projects, firmly associated with the improvement of foundation and of research exercises, is incorporated within the change and improvement program of the European universities.

The Faculties of Biology have marked a progress of reciprocal versatility concurrences with Erasmus+, which permit graduated class, ace understudies and postgraduates, just as teachers to go to European colleges.

Professional opportunities for graduates of Biology include: Institutes of basic and useful research; Public and private clinical labs for human therapeutic investigation, measurable and veterinary drug testing, and ecological quality control; Biotechnological labs for industry sustenance, pharmaceutical and makeup enterprises; Clinical labs, police forensics labs, preventive medication; Industry of beauty care products and pharmaceutics; Control labs to test nourishment quality; Central organization (services); Environmental consultancy; Consultancy in private businesses and organizations; Communication, media, NGOs.

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