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„Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner and former
President of South Africa

We believe that the beauty about learning is that nobody can take it away from you. This is how our mission at Edu-Europe has started. Founded in Romania in 2018 by a team of professional education coordinators dedicated to helping students graduate from Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs, while working closely with the best Romanian Universities, we are focusing on recruiting foreign students to discover one of the most valuable asset Romania has to offer: a strong prestigious education system.

As partners of the most well known Universities in the country, we are constantly working and improving the experience of our students, making sure that all the
requirements are met even before their arrival.

We offer our students services to help make their integration process in the community easier, especially in their first year of studies, by organizing cultural
events (tours, meetings, workshops), private romanian or other foreign language classes, accomodation services. This way, parents from all the countries we cover
can be assured and confident their young ones are in good hands and that we are doing our best to help them achieve all the steps towards a successful career.

At Edu-Europe, you will learn all you need to know about studying in Europe.

Millions of students  from outside the EU decide to come to study in Europe every year.

The universities we recommend have a variety of courses and specializations

Europe has been the spearhead of medical advancements ever since the renaissance era. Among the inventions that came from Europe in the medical field, we must mention  George Emil Palade, the Romanian Nobel Prize winner of 1974 in Physiology and Medicine, as well as Nicolae Paulescu, the man who discovered the antidiabetic hormone, latter known as insulin.

70% of international students who choose to study medicine in Europe, prefer Romania, for its medical education system, as well as its affordable students tuition fees.

Engineering comes directly after Medicine when it comes to student’s choice to study in Europe. Almost all European nations have many faculties that provide engineering studies in different languages.

If you like to follow the national and international news, as well as be in constant touch with the finance sector, Economics could be the specialization meant for you. Some of the best universities in Europe in the field of Economics are found in Romania.

Most Europeans love to study Engineering and Physics, because they either want to find out the secrets of the universe or want to build  the tools to help them unlock those secrets.

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