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If you want to establish your career then you need to keep a prior focus on your academics. For such purpose, Romania is one of the best places to perform your academics and start your career. This country is home to a vast range of minorities belonging to different ethnicities and they all are equally respected. Romania has given an open platform to people from all the world in terms of academics and career. Thousands of people from different ethnicities come to this country and graduate from here successfully.

Most of them are now settled and the rest of them have a strong resume giving them the freedom to apply anywhere they want. They are working in reputable organisations and on senior designations. The people of Romania are very hospitable, you don’t have to feel hesitant if you are newly settled over there. This country has several festivals through out the year which are the best opportunity to socialize and get a chance to know people. You don’t need to worry about being in an unhealthy environment. As there are hundreds of beautiful parks where you can go and relax yourself and enjoy your leisure time. If you are adventurous then there are countless natural sites, forests and landscapes where you can have the best adventure of your life. Romania is the center of world’s best universities having thousands of students from all over the world. Every university has a list of famous alumni working in different parts of the world. To become a part of these universities there are several chances for international studies including several scholarships, and other sponsorship ideas as well. Students who face difficulties in terms of paying their fees and accommodation expenses can also work on weekends and part time as well to bear their tuition fee and other expenses.

study in europe

Choosing the right place to study can be a big hassle as you have to keep everything under consideration. However, if you are looking for a place to pursue your studies in Europe than Romania can be the best choice you can make. Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union, this country turns out to be a lot more feasible and convenient.
Romania is a land of the best architectures in this world, it is known to have the most perfectly maintained ancient castles, beautiful towns, and gothic churches perfectly standing on a series of mesmerizing landscapes located on the crossroads of central, eastern, and southeastern Europe and has lush green forest and snow-capped mountains. The preservation of old castles and churches has enhanced the beauty of this country and also the activity of tourism in this country. The architectural structure of this country is an idealistic one as the towns and castles are surrounded by heavy green forest making it an eco-friendly place to live in.
As being a home of various nationalities, you can enjoy a life in which you can witness various impressive and vibrant cultures including the old Romanian cultures which are being followed for a very long time. Countless natural sites are ranked among the most visited places when it comes to tourism activities globally. It is a peaceful country that allows complete freedom of speech to people regardless of whatever their ethnicity is. You can have complete private ownership and the right to follow your religion without any barriers.

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The required documents to start your application to study in Europe is simple and straight forward. To check the list of the required documents, please visit our page Documents Required For Approvals.

It usually takes from 3 to 4 weeks to get your application approved/declined by the Ministry of Education and Youth.

This season we only support Romania. More countries will be added soon.

We allow our students to pay via different payment methods, we accept PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and Cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin).

Our main office is located in Romania, at two locations, The capital Bucharest and the city of Arad

Study In Europe

Regardless of which region or part of the world you are from, Romania can be the best place for you to study. The education system of this country is enhancing and progressing more with the ongoing innovations. The higher education system of Romania is offering a number of new and interesting field of studies which allows students from every interest to practice and master their skills. The educational institutions in Romania enroll the highest number of students coming from other parts of Europe and from all around the world. You can choose from a wide range of schools and universities, no need to limit your choices if you are planning to study in Romania. This country has a long history of offering valuable degrees and certifications by providing quality education to its students
The best thing about studying in Romania is that the cost that will occur to your turns out to be much less and within the budget as compared to other members of the European Union. You can literally save a significant amount of money that you should have spent in other countries and in a short period of time.
The academic fee structure and the cost of living that you will spend is half of the cost that you have to spend in other countries. There are a number of award-winning and famous individuals from the field of science, engineering, media and so on who have made their name by studying and beginning their careers from this country. You also get a chance to socialize and take part to play your role in a dynamic and worldwide condition. You can present your viewpoint and get a chance to improve your skills by availing a number of opportunities to adapt to new dialects, receive various global intercultural aptitudes that can help you in establishing your future professionally. You can get the perfect grounds to establish your own business or even work for multinational companies.

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